Our agency can offer the following services:

Investigations conjugalVerify suspected infidelity•

Adultery – sample photo – video•

Method of detection and prevention of problems of torque•

Signs and symptoms of possible adultery or conjugal separation and guidance by a specialist psychologist•

Check pre and post marriage (morality, diligence, honesty, vices, hobbies, previous or parallel relationships, children from another relationship or verification unreported children, etc..)

Check torque morality or vice partner

• Identify, locate stolen property partner torqueEconomic Investigations

• Training on the use of client survelliance techniques for audio – video private spaces

• Protection Techniques informative for companies

• Investigations on the person (identity by description or car registration number, location, wealth, group relationships, sources of income, type of business conducted, etc.)

.• Information companies active screening Dies ghost companies, fictitious assignment

• Check your potential or current partners (morality, solvency deficiencies, famous, heritage, family status, relatives and friends to competing companies)

• Verification documents (resumes, statutory declarations, acts validity studies and other documents submitted)

• Verification clear economic assets or fictitious

• Verification / prevent unfair competition employees, partners

• Verification movable or immovable employees, partners

• Check reliability Privacy employees• Verification of employee behavior extraprofesional

• Flagrants of bribery and receiving undue benefits

• Identify owners of properties

• Check early for paralel or subsequent. Client loans and debitor tracing missing or bad payers for banks and financial companies

• Check insurance company clients and events